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The flotilla life has almost come to an end!!!!

sunny 35 °C

Over the past few months we have been sailing around the Greek Islands...


Drinking punch in the sun...


Checking out the locals....

(The Maltese Falcon is huge!!!)

And most importantly working our tan in some beautiful places...


In a week we are in for a shock, the UK will be much colder than Greece!
An opportunity to see family and friends!!! Very excited! And for Alice and Will's wedding!!!

Then back on the travels, keep an eye out, more to come!

P.s. it has been really cool having Mum and Dad visit us in Greece!

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Loving Greece! Have been here just over 3 weeks... livjng on a boat... learning to sail... drinking most days... enjoying greek cuisine... and loving it!






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We were pretty tired when arrived in Rome. Managed to get on the right train... and even off again at the right stop! The 1km walk to our hotel was the loooongest walk of my life. I had to stop quite a few times and in the end Tim carried my bag. I was ready to check in and sleep. But the hotel wasn't. We had to wait until 1pm. So we went to visit the pope.. who speaks on the last Sunday of each month at the Vatican. We got to the Vatican museum after waiting in a very long line... and realised we were in the wrong place to see the pope so we missed him! Oops.
We wandered around the area and went into the museum which housed the Sistine chapel. Was very old (1400's) and impressive!
Tim enjoyed the nudity of the statues around the place (so mature Tim).

After a good night's sleep (and some great pizza) we were ready to explore. We headed for Villa Borghese (a park) and wandered around.. seeing some cool statues.. Tim liked the kids playground best.

We wandered down the spanish steps.. which were neat and very busy!

Carried on to the Trevi Fountain... which was under construction! Haha so there was no water, it was just a construction zone! But we threw our coin in anyway!

We continued to explore and came across some very impressive buildings. I particularly enjoyed the Pantheon which was built in 28BC!!!!! Amazing!
Monument of Vittorio Emanuele 11:
Pantheon (looked better in real life):
River and cool bridges:
Typical streets:
Castel Sant Angelo:
St. Peters square:

The cars made me laugh. So tiny!!
After a long day of exploring we crashed with some pizza, gelato and vino! Heaven!

The following day we went to a ginormous church. It was so huge!! And again -like everything in Rome - older than New Zealand.
Then we legged it down to the Colloseum because it was bucketing down! Luckily we were prepared with our cool dude ponchos!
On the plus side.. it wasnt that busy! The Colloseum is a fascinating place and we were pleased to have a great tour guide to tell is some of the history. I cant quite comprehend watching people fight to the death. .. but apparently people liked it!?! Perhaps it was the free wine?

After another day of wandering these historic streets, eating (way too much) gelato, devouring delicious pizzas, listening to the pope (who wouldve thought he wouldnt speak English! Didnt understand a thing!) and enjoying cheap but tasty vino, it was time for us to leave.

After a long train and and overnight ferry we made it to Corfu.

We have now been in the stunning Greece for over a week where we will be for the summer (specifically in Sivota). We are working here and living on a yacht! And although I didn't think I would be excited to stop travelling and work again... its pretty tough work sailing and partying our way around the Greek Islands with people on thier holiday... but I'm getting used to it ;)
Its going to be a great summer!

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Istanbul and Gallipoli - Turkey


Our arrival to Istanbul immediately overwhelmed us. 16 million people in 5000 sq. km spilt over 2 continents makes Istanbul the 5th biggest city in the world. We landed in Asia and took a bus to Taksim Square in the heart of the city, crossing the Bosphorus in the process (the water between Asia and Europe).

After we navigated through the busy streets of Taksim to our hotel it had been about 36 hours since we had a shower (not so bad compared to Nepal but we did walk through Dubai in 30+ degrees...) but there was a Power cut! Not so keen on the cold shower as it was a brisk 7 degrees outside.

After a nap the power was back and we finally got the shower we had wanted for so long (Stacey had politely told me that I smelt quite bad).

Day 2 took us South to the Dolmabahçe Palace where the last few Sultans had ruled the Ottoman Empire from; and the first President Mustafa Atatürk had lived there too. Wow! That place is huge.... The biggest room had a massive carpet rug (bigger than our house in NZ) and 4500kg crystal chandelier. A sultan had up to 4 'favorite woman' living in the harem (a woman that have had a male child to the Sultan). The Sultan also had in some cases up to 1000 woman that were exciexclusively for his entertainment....

After that we walked 5km uphill to the Zulu Center (a very flash mall) to find Superdry (Stacey had found a dress in Dubai and wanted in a different size).. Unfortunately after our hard work and precious time was spent hunting down Superdry, you guessed it.... they didn't have it!!!!

Ohwell a spot of shopping anyway to replace some of our clothes so we look slightly different in the photos...

We zipped home on the Metro and then went to a Turkish bath, which was awesome! Stacey could not stop giggling when they touched her feet, and her turkish bath lady was definitely topless for no apparent reason.

The next day we were off to the Blue Mosque and Old City. Wow.
We dressed up as Sultans and Sultanas, learnt that a sultan would kill all his brothers when he got elected and saw some impressive floral gardens.
We also got a quick introduction to the Islamic religion and went inside the Blue Mosque. If you only ever see one Mosque, that should be it.
Off to the Markets to try some turkish delights and other treats Yum!
In between all this and some Kebaks and Rain, Thunder and Hail we managed to go ten pin Bowling... Sadly I did not win...


On Friday at 10:00 am we were picked up to start the 300ish km journey to Gallipoli for ANZAC day.

By 2:00pm we had finally managed to leave Istanbul (Traffic is nuts 24/7) and we were making good time....

Arriving at the first of many security checkpoint we were greeted by many buses and a 2 hour wait. Apparently there were 500 buses....
After numerous security checkpoints we made it to the sacred ground that is ANZAC cove.
The following hours leading up to the dawn service were filled with information and entertainment, while 10,000 kiwis and auzzies crammed in.
Dawn service was very similar to what you would find back home, but add the place, the build up and the significance, along with Prince Charles and Henry (who knew that Harry's really Henry???), with a fleet of Naval Warships it was overwhelming. Learning the history of the Turks and Mustafa Atatürk (lead the defense for the Ottomans against the ANZACs before becoming President of Turkey), and the feeling of peace that he has provided, the battle of Gallipoli Is so important to them too.

Read this message that Mustafa provided in the 1930's to the mothers of the fallen ANZAC's:
Heroes who shed their blood and lost their lives! You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and Mehmets to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours. You, the mothers, who sent their sons from far away countries wipe away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. After having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well.

Post the dawn service and a 6km walk to Chunuk Bair for the NZ service at 1.45pm. We encountered many ANZAC and Turkish graveyards.
The NZ service was a somber and sureal experience. The stories of the young soldiers, their bravery and sacrifice was incredible.
The feeling of peace again was strong in this historic land, which made it more difficult to imagine war here.
After the service we only had to wait 4 hours for a bus, lucky because 10 minutes later and it would have cost 100 NZD more to get to the airport.
Off to Rome (72 hours without sleep).

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Flying into Dubai was strange! We flew over desert for a long time before seeing any city. We stepped off the plane into Dubai's 37 °C heat. Phew - had to quickly remove some layers!
So.ething Tim and I first noticed was the evidence of road rules! It was so nice not to be clutching my seatbelt as we drove! Also the lack of rubbish. So nice!
After finding a hotel (at 6x the price of Kathmandu) we headed to the nearest mall for a lookie and a bite to eat. This mall was under development and alot was closed. However it still had room for a theme park!!! (Located in the middle of the food court!)
Tim had an extreme case of man flu so we called it a night without going on any of the rides.
On Sunday, to my delight, we ordered room service for breakfast! It was soooooo exciting!
We realised that this was the every first meal we have had in a room by ourselves since beginning this trip! A strange revelation.

We packed up our things and stored them at the hotel, ready to explore. We wandered around for a while, heading in the direction of the port (I think).
As we walked through a market, Tim tried out the local attire. While he liked it, I helped him to realise that he didn't need it!
We didn't make it to the port but came across the Dubai Museum. I found this very interesting!
Fun fact: In the 1940's, the population of Dubai was 20,000. The current population is around 2 million! Quite phenomenal.

We then headed to the Dubai Mall. Wow. This was quite a place. We were starving and would you believe?!?!?! BURGER FUEL!!
We spent most of the afternoon exploring the mall...there was an ice skating rink and an aquarium among MANY shops - most of which we couldn't afford to look in! There was even a medical centre!
If you got tired you could get a ride in the mall cars.
When Tim had had enough we went for a walk around a lake and got some great views of the Burj Khalifa. Its very tall!
After dinner we watched the Dubai Fountain. It was very cool... all timed with the music!

We were pretty tired so headed to the airport early... to find out our plane was delayed. Of course!

I read this article in a newspaper while.we waited. Gave me a giggle! Check it out:

Dubai was fun!

I am currently in the 5th biggest city in the world... Istanbul. Cant wait to see parts of it.
Also really looking forward to ANZAC day in Gallipoli.

Update soon!

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